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IT Support - Brooklands Primary School

The Company

Brooklands Primary School is a warm and friendly school near Manningtree in Essex. Committed to high standards, Brooklands Primary School believe that children should be encouraged to develop positive, caring attitudes towards themselves, each other and the wider community. 

How we help

Brooklands Primary School came to us as they were looking for someone to take over the management of their IT systems and support. They were concerned that they weren't adhering to best practices and needed to add confidence within their organisation.

Following a full audit of their existing systems and infrastructure, we discovered several issues including ineffective backup procedures and an ageing WiFi solution which was resulting in poor coverage and slow speeds. We also established that they had no email solution so staff were sending business emails from gmail and yahoo accounts. 

Our team began by implementing a new Meraki wireless solution, which dramatically improved their internet access throughout the site. We rebuilt their student laptops, connected them to the network and assisted with new laptops and tablets to complement their existing stock. In addition to this, we arranged for specific educational licenses to be added to all relevant hardware. We then migrated all staff onto Office 365 (free for schools) and implemented an email solution so all emails could be sent or received from '@brooklandsprimary.co.uk' accounts. 

The next stage involved streamlining and downsizing their virtual servers into just one which resulted in reduced maintenance costs. Our team also set up new users, reorganised their internal procedures and introduced a new backup system. We are currently working with the school to have a number of IT systems implemented in the classroom for use on a daily basis. 

We continue to work closely with Brooklands Primary School and are currently in the process of replacing their admin PC's, as well as migrating their admin server over to a virtual platform. 

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