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IT Support- ExecuJet Aviation Group

The Company:

The ExecuJet Aviation Group is a leading business aviation organisation offering a diverse range of services. These include aircraft management for private and commercial registered aircraft, aircraft charter, maintenance, completions management and fixed base operations. Managing over 150 business jets worldwide, ExecuJet prides itself on it's exceptionally high level of safety standards. Its commercial fleet operates under the regulatory umbrella of seven regional aviation issues air operating certificates (AOCs). With it's headquarters in Zurich, ExecuJet operates globally in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. ExecuJet has recently become part on Luxaviation Group.


IT Support services for Execujet Aviation

How we help:

Our relationship with ExecuJet began in 2011 when they came to us looking for a robust and flexible IT Support solution. They also needed to move their complete operations centre from Zurich and Cambridgeshire which would involve the migration of all IT systems and set-up at their new site. Over the past 4 years, ExecuJet has continued to expand, not only in terms of their services but also in staff numbers. This has meant that their IT support needed to be scalable in order to facilitate continued growth. We now provide IT support to over 400 users throughout Europe, including Switzerland, Germany and Denmark, and can range from simple printer issues to the relocation of infrastructure. 

Alongside our IT support services, we also host ExecuJet's entire email system with over 580 mailboxes and provide hosted telephony via Microsoft Lync. In addition, we provide full back-up and disaster recover, anti-virus & anti-malware and server maintenance, as well as providing internet connectivity to their Cambridge-based offices. We have also recently implemented an intelligent business Wi-Fi solution across their Cambridge and Zurich sites, and will be rolling the system out throughout their European sites later this year. All of our IT support and IT solutions are centrally managed by our team in Suffolk. This means we are able to support ExecuJet's systems from anywhere in the world. 

The key factor in our relationship with ExecuJet has been and will continue to be our focus on flexibility and adaptability. We engage with them at all levels from day to day desktop support, to strategy meetings with senior management. With the developments of new technologies and increasing levels of customer service, we understand that our clients needs will change on a continuous basis. We place heavy emphasis on ensuring that we maintain the highest levels of support and are in a position to assist with any new IT requirements.

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